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desi restaurant

Desitable is an upscale modern dining restaurant located on a terrace at Gujranwala Mall. We offer a variety of desi cuisine including barbeque and a variety of tropical drinks. The atmosphere is full of energy with truly hospitable service that is honest, relaxed, and generous.

The food cooked by our sous chef is not only mouth-watering but warms the soul and puts you in a good mood. Our menu consists of quick business lunches in your hectic routine, seasonal snacks, and heartwarming supper.

Please have a look at our menu to discover the mouth-watering variety of desi food, barbeque, and scrumptious desserts

Our Special Items


Treat your taste buds with our special barbeque sauce marinated on chicken and beef of your choice, served fresh from the fireplace.


Enjoy our wide range of traditional and seasonal chicken curries.


Craving something different? Give a try to our range of sea food, pick exquisite for you.


Our tender and juicy beef is cooked to perfection to serve your taste.


What is better than our Pakistani cuisine with veggies made with spices and curry.


Can’t decide between meat and cheese, hummus and veggies, or bread and fruit? You don’t have to! Our platters uses a bit of everything.


soft and tender bread made freshly out the oven that goes with you every meal.


Spice your meals with a hint of raita and salad of your choice. Make your meals all about flavor!


Do not call yourself a foodie if you are not a fan of rice. We have them in every shape and style for you.


The last course of your meal – make it special. Dig into our variations of dessert to serve your taste buds.

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Get the food you love ordered at your door step!

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